From House to Home:

There's no Place like Your Home

I have a simple philosophy about that 'roof over our heads' - it's not a showplace meant to impress your friends and neighbors, it's your safe place, your sanctuary and your get- away.

Your home not only holds all of the things you hold near and dear, it also reflects who you are, what you collect, and what's important to you and your family. I often say 'we hunt for the perfect house, but we create our perfect home'.

Webster describes the two this way; house (n. hous; v. houz) -n. 1. A building for human habitation. home (hom), -n. 1. A house, apartment, or other shelter that is the fixed residence of a person, a family or a household.

The word house is so impersonal. Where is the life, the connection to the family within? But the word home? Now that brings up lovely images of memory making good times, meals spent with the ones you love, celebrations and holidays just to name a few.

We hunt for the perfect house, but we create our perfect home.

We move in, unpack and start to decide where things will go. We arrange and rearrange until it all feels 'just right'. Little by little we settle in, snuggle up and get comfortable.

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