It’s What’s in the Inside that Counts

At least for me it is - and always has been. You’d think early on I’d have become an interior designer or an architect instead of a graphic designer. Honestly, things often play out just way the universe had intended all along. I know my interior design business would never have taken shape without my previous experiences as a graphic designer, an art director and a photostylist.

I’ll often refer to an interior designer as the art or creative director for a house. We’re the ones who pull together all of the elements that make a house a home. We rely on the input from the family that lives within, geographically where the home is located, its natural surroundings and it’s architectural style. We have a lot to consider.

I was not trained as an interior designer but I was trained to carefully listen, form solutions based on a client's wants and needs, and lead them confidently down a path that would make them comfortable with what it was they are trying to say and what’s most important to them. We must be good listeners with keen eyes for the fine details.

All my clients have one thing in common – they realize that a beautiful home is not about perfection - they really live in their homes. They are families and want to live as one. Together we work to first get it organized, because the key to a beautiful home starts with an organized one. My clients soon come to realize it’s not about how much they have – it’s about how much they enjoy. We carefully select furnishings with this in mind and when we’re done I know we did not create a showplace, we created a comfort zone.

Most of my clients own one home – I help them turn it into their dream home.

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