Meet Janna Lufkin:

How Many Jobs are Enough?

I'm the kind of person who thrives on having too much to do. Besides being a wife and mother, some days I'm a freelance photo stylist, scouting locations, creating rooms and designing sets, as well as coming up with one-of-a-kind ideas for national and regional magazines and catalogs.

Other days I'm an interior designer, working with families to make a difference in how they live and function in their homes.

A few days a month, I may consult for Lifestyle Insights, a group that develops on-trend, market-specific and topical lifestyle content specifically for women.

Other days I write with my cousin Elizabeth Goodsell for her That’s Neat! Blog which focuses on organization and design topics.

Finally, some days I work on developing and designing a line of home products based on the simplest of cotton fabrics for my start-up company, Raw Materials Design.

I figured I had a few days left in my week so I decided to start this site, Be it Ever so Humble. The name says it all. First by being happy and grateful for the house you have. Next, developing it into the home you love.

My own style focuses first on organization. Once things are in order it’s easy to see what is important, what can be let go of and what should be preserved. From here, creating the 'perfect' home is a delightful, lifelong journey no matter what or where you call home.

Like many of you, I have things outside of my professional life that I am passionate about. My own passions often creep into my work and of course into my home. For me it’s horses - photographing them, the places they live, and the people who ride them. In my wildest dreams I would ride every day. In my happy reality it’s my daughter who is the horsewoman in the family. I love to spend time with her, camera in hand, documenting our shared passion.

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