Getting organized

Form Follows Function

The key to having a beautiful home is to have an organized one. This can sound like the most daunting task, but honestly it's the easiest. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be well on your way and will never look back.

Staying organized and keeping things that way, whether it's your closet or your junk drawer, depends on one basic important point (and that most basic of design principles): that form and function are closely and irrevocably linked.

I'll add another layer - it MUST look beautiful. I want to walk into my closet or open my pantry, look around and think 'Ahhhhh!, it's so nice in here!'

My point: it's easy to keep things at your fingertips if you enjoy the experience of being in and using the space. If it looks great and functions properly, it's easy to keep it that way.

Often the toughest part of getting organized is knowing where to start. If things have really gotten out of hand, it's much easier to ignore the problem than it is to fix it. However if you take your time, make a plan, sort, purge and donate, you'll be finished in no time.

If it looks great and functions properly, it's easy to keep it that way

In this section of Be it Ever so Humble, I'll share a variety of ideas that will help you pull it all together and keep it that way.

Soon, with your system in place, every closet, cupboard, drawer, nook and cranny will function beautifully. And so will you!

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