An Unexpected Break turns into a Dream Job

After spending 15 years as a graphic designer and more still as an art director, I was ready for a change. The computer had taken over the graphic design industry and as amazing as it was, I found myself bored sitting in front of a monitor all day.

I loved the challenge of successfully communicating ideas in simple, creative, graphic form and I loved working with clients to help them tell their story. I knew the next step in my career had to have that same creative interaction.

Over the years, I'd spent a great deal of time in studios or on location, communicating ideas and concepts through photography. I became increasingly intrigued with the relationship between the photo stylist, the photographer, and the client. I loved the interaction between the 'creatives' and the client. I loved that creative solutions were discovered right there on the set, it was spontaneous, fast paced and hands on. It was just what I was looking for.

A photographer I had often worked with encouraged me to pursue my passion, took a risk and offered me my first break - styling a project for one of his clients. I was in heaven!

Early on I styled everything from fashion to high-tech. However Seattle-based Eddie Bauer was developing a line of home goods to add to its brand. My true love is anything and everything that has to do with a home – so styling for Eddie Bauer Home was right up my alley.

Since then, my styling career has specialized on homes and home products. I have shot for a number of other catalog clients including Orvis Home and Pendleton. Retailers Nordstrom and Amazon have kept me busy in the past while my editorial clients including Better Homes and Gardens, Country Home, Sunset and Coastal Living to name a few, continue to make me pinch myself to remind me that I have the best job on earth.

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